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                                                                                Maps from Otago Harbour Pilotage Guide (Port Otago Limited, April 2012) [PDF]
Otago Harbour extends about 21 kilometres from its entrance to Dunedin and is bounded on the east by the Otago Peninsula.  Ships enter Otago Harbour through the passage between Taiaroa Head and Heyward Point/Aramoana and travel about 9.6 kilometres up the Harbour to reach Port Chalmers.  In addition to container ships, Port Chalmers handles cruise liners (84 visited in financial year 2013) and conventional cargoes, notably log exports.  There is a small fishing fleet at nearby Carey's Bay.  Traveling a further 12-13 kilometres up the Harbour; through the Victoria Channel, ships reach port facilities in Dunedin.  The relative importance of the two ports has shifted over time.  Early settlers arrived at Port Chalmers.  The construction of the Victoria Channel in 1881 shifted the balance to Dunedin by the turn of the century.  Dunedin continued to be dominant until its position was severely undercut by containerisation in the late 1970s.  A fair bit of traffic still goes to Dunedin for cargo, including fertiliser, bulk cement, LPG, scrap metal, fish, and logs.  Port Otago is owned by the Otago Regional Council.  Overall, Port Otago reported 511 vessel arrivals in financial year 2013.
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